I edit un certain number of websites and it takes me quite some time everyday.
I recently migrated contents from NEWSgTLDs.com and NDD.buzz to gTLD.club. All are about new gTLDs "only".
  1. gTLD.club is a website many authors have joined to write about new gTLDs: I edit it everyday with info related to new gTLDs only: statistics and figures, stories, extracts from other authors' article who write about new gTLDs and French info.
  2. The "New generic Top-Level Domains (new gtlds)" LinkedIn group is a networking group I moderate everyday. The group has now grown up and has now 2500+ subscribers.
  3. I also write articles on CircleId in English and on the French Journal Du Net.
  4. The gTLD.club Newsletter has now quite a lot of subscribers and has become the starting point of all my publications. I strongly suggest to subscribe to it, to follow all new gTLDs news.