A new gTLD Consultant

2012 up to now: Jovenet Consulting (France), Consultant.

Jovenet Consulting

Experience developing new gTLD offers for Jovenet Consulting:

  • New gTLDs application SWOT analysis: this offer provides the analysis of a new gTLD project - prior to investing in its ICANN application - focusing on the pointing out of the minuses of competing applications (non technical). This analysis is a must have for:
    • Applicants wondering if they should submit an application for their Trademark;
    • Applicants with a possible string in competition;
    • A candidate (brand or other non-applicant) who could object to the application;
  • For generic Top-Level Domains dedicated to selling domains:
    • Promotion solutions for new gTLD applicants: this offer allows new gTLD applicants to promote their domain name extension, in a way that future registrants (users) are informed and ready to buy, before and after the registry has launched.
    • Promotion solutions for new gTLD service providers: this offer allows service providers to promote themselves, in a way that future applicants are informed about their existence.
  • For Trademarks, "ICANN new gTLD program monitoring":
    • This offer allows brand owners to monitor competitors during the ICANN validation process and behave accordingly;
    • This offer also allows non-applicants to monitor possible future infringements to their brands.
  • A local contact based in France.
  • New gTLD related information for Law Firms, IP Departments, Journalists, Webmasters and domain name specialists: Jovenet Consulting offers the largest information network about new gTLDs on several Platforms:
    • and its Newsletter;
    • LinkedIn (The "New generic Top-Level Domains (new gTLDs)" group).
  • An author: Jean Guillon writes about new gTLDs on several publication platforms such as CircleId (503.507+ views), JournalDuNet (in French), Les Echos, etc...

2008 - 2018: ICANN Delegate.

The Noncommercial Users Constituency

The Noncommercial Users Constituency (NCUC) is the home for civil society organizations and individuals in the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) bottom-up policy making organ, the Generic Names Supporting Organization (GNSO). With real voting power in ICANN’s policy making and Board selection, the NCUC develops and supports positions that favor noncommercial communication and activity on the Internet.

A new gTLD Applicant

2009 up to now: Project DotVinum (France), Founding member.

Experience developing the dotVinum project:

  • Search for a financial partner;
  • Study of new gTLD back-end registry providers' offers;
  • Answers of the non technical 50 questions of the applicant guidebook;
  • Business plan;
  • Rules to apply for a .wine - .vino and .vin domain names;
  • Restrictions;
  • Communication plan;
  • Sunrise & Landrush periods.

2011 - 2012: Famous Four Media (Gibraltar), Consultant.

Experience working for FAMOUS FOUR MEDIA, a global provider of services to the gTLD industry, from September 2011 up to February 2012:

  • Team leader/Consultant;
  • Collecting data for new gTLD string analysis;
  • In charge of collecting answers to question 18 for seven new gTLDs from a team of applicants;
  • Providing figures for the .wine new gTLD;
  • Applications concerned: .bid - .accountant - .date - .download - .faith - .loan - .trade - .men - .win - .webcam - .science - .review - .party - .cricket - .racing - .stream - .charity - .hotel - .music - .rugby - .sport

A Corporate Registrar

2008 - 2011: INDOM (France), acquired by Group NBT - NetNames (UK).

Experience working for INDOM, the French Corporate Registrar, from July 2008 up to August 2011:

  • Personalised Top Level Domain development for Brands and Corporations;
  • Active 3 years promotion of the INDOM new gTLD's offer;
  • Registries feasibility studies;
  • Domain name portfolio consulting;
  • Administrative and Technical domain name management;
  • Top-Level Domains chronicles in;
  • Applications concerned: .paris - .hermes - .translations - .canalplus and more.

A Registrar Comparison Tool

2008: Cuzco (Luxembourg), Int. Business Development Manager. &

Experience working for OFINDO, the only domain name provider search engine, from April 2008 to June 2008:

  1. Participation to the development of the Ofindo search engine;
  2. Cuzco future products and actual developments;
  3. Project Management.

A Retail Registrar

2008 : Gandi SAS (France), Corporate Manager.

Experience working for Gandi SAS, a French retail Registrar, from January 2008 to April 2008:

  • Creation of the Gandi Corporate project;
  • "Price, Product, Promotion, Place";
  • Project management.

A Domain name Consultant

2007: RegisTrust (France), Domain name portfolio Management.

Experience launching and selling RegisTrust, from July 2007 to January 2008:

  • Independent domain name consulting with a “cost killing” approach;
  • Choice of a the right Registrar taking budget into account;
  • Providing problem-solving solutions for the day-to-day management of the domain name portfolio;
  • Company, domains & brand were successfully sold.

A Retail and Corporate Registrar

2006 - 2007: CSC Corporate Domains (UK), Professional Services. /

Experience working for CSC Corporate Domains, a corporate Registrar, from 2006 to 15 of July 2007:

  • Domain name consultant on domain name portfolio management;
  • Online Brand protection consultancy;
  • Client services partner.

A Registry

2005 - 2006: EURid (Belgium), Support Officer.

EURid is established in Belgium, and has been selected by the European Commission to operate the new .EU Top-Level Domain on Internet.

Experience working for EURid, the Registry for .EU Top Level Domains:

  • Support Officer at EURid;
  • In charge of validating Accredited Registrars’ agreement;
  • In charge of processing Registrars’ payments;
  • Customer support during Sunrise periods, Landrush 1 and Landrush 2;
  • Solving issues on multiple accredited Networks.

A Registrant (Corporate)

2004: Purchase and Communication department at Airbus.

  1. Mission 1 on deployment of the internal E-sourcing tool in the purchasing department;
  2. Mission 2 on the domain name’s portfolio strategy and future online advertising prior to launching of A380.

Experience as a Registrant working for AIRBUS SAS within the communication department:

  • In charge of Airbus’ domain name strategy in 2004;
  • Wrote the domain name registration policy;
  • Worked on domain name portfolio cost reduction;
  • Master degree Thesis: “Monetizing the domain name portfolio”.